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There’s something about ‘excellence firsts’ that truly sticks in my memory. Like the first occasion when I got my nails painted in a salon – I was 6 and had followed alongside my mum to the neighborhood beautician. While she had her nails painted with Chanel ‘Rouge Noir’ (THE shade of the 90s because of Miss Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction), I had a Barbie pink shade connected to mine. Oooohh kid, did I think I was extravagant for sure!

Six-year-old me would be flabbergasted at that point to perceive how the nail business has detonated as of late. New hues, new completes, new VIP coordinated efforts (Kardashian Kolor or Mariah Carey for OPI, anybody?) – it’s all occurrence and hints at no backing off. The most recent rage is nail art, whereby you can actually get everything without exception painted on your claws, from examples to prints, cartoon characters to organic product bowls. Need some additional bling? A few salons will even consolidate smaller than normal gems in their plans.more information from here nail art salon melbourne